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Players in Io are encouraged to play diverse characters, drawing from 31 base species and 10 base professions with hundreds of sub-species and variants. This allows for some improbable and surreal combinations. A robot house accountant who has problem managing its Gibbelin tenants? A ghost ninja searching for an ancestor's katana? A manic-depressive fungi detective? A dog skeleton with a pumpkin head? A were-bicycle that communicates with its horn? Why not? At the same time, Io encourages you to ground your characters in its ecology and culture. 

Character creation in Io follows 6 steps:

  1. Choose a Species

  2. Choose a Profession

  3. Record Traits

  4. Buy Skills

  5. Create a Background

  6. Choose Items (optional)

The character creator app will be provided soon and will be  free to use on this site.

Io Character Sheet 1A Front.png
Io Character Sheet 1A Front.png
'The Gwylfig sat on a rock with its silver baton, poking deftly at the improbable structure in front of it: an intricate and impossibly balanced pile of stones and sticks. At a glance one might have thought it a naked, dark-skinned Middan child playing idly by the river. But on closer inspection one could see the subtle glow of its gem-like eyes, the eerie way it held its hairless body, and the serious, philosophical way it engaged the structure, as if in some way it were investigating the secrets of the cosmos. Each tap of the baton pushed the structure closer to destruction, but somehow, each time, it teetered slightly only to find a new, infuriating balance...'
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