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Welcome to Lost Isle Media

As of early 2019, Lost Isle Media is my online vendor for creative work (although I've had the ABN since 2016). As a quick overview of my agenda for the site:

I use Zoho Social to coordinate posts to Lost Isle Media's social platforms: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts. I also have a YouTube Channel.

I'll be posting to Lost Isle Media at least once a week and adding content.

Lost Isle Media serves as a vendor for my four brands across print, music, games and art. Each brand has its own landing page, as well as landing pages for substantial products, but share the same store. For my launch I've got at least one downloadable item, preview or upcoming launches for each brand.

Coradel Press has 6 books in its publishing queue: Rapanoikhi & Other Tales, scheduled in mid-2019, followed by Pretty Dead Things, Ugly Dead Things, The Pulkin Dresser, and The Third Customer. Each is written, they simply need to be edited and put into InDesign and physically printed. After that I plan on a new collection of stories set in the world of my roleplaying game Io.

Orkenai Music has 20 albums in its queue. Draggle Glade is available as a digital preview and I will make previews of the others, including at least one track and lyrics, over the next couple of weeks. Garden and Supernatural Tourist are next in queue, Garden being nearly recorded and Supernatural Tourist being one of my more accessible albums. The others are: Toymaker, Lakeside, Crossings, Opal Road, Galactic Tea, Universal Spunk Monkey, Dwellings, The Horde, Blue Dahlia, Celluloid City, All Said and Done, Thorazine County, Saturn's Patch, Last Train to Kansas, Favourite Runt, This Your Secret Enemy and 21st Century Gore. These all have a full song list, but most are in demo form, and four of them are much rougher with some songs needing a do-over.

Cheeky Monster Games has several games in its queue. Master of Icons is available as an old DOS shareware game, Quiz Quest is available as an executable build for PC or Mac, and Pocket Troll and Colossus Awakes will be available in a prototype print and play form soon. (Holden Sunrise would need a lot of polish and control remapping to be worth uploading, as it was an installation piece with a physical component and modified and labelled keyboard, so I've put that in brackets.) My main focus at the moment is kickstarting Io, my roleplaying game, in mid-2019. In rough sequence after that I will be: finishing the digital version of Pocket Troll, looking at professional publication of Pocket Troll and Colossus Awakes as boardgames, and finishing a game called Death by 1000 Cuts.

Wyrdling Art is a gallery of some digital, charcoal and other work. Work there will be posted to Instagram and Lost Isle Media in general, and I'll make prints and other products available as time permits.

As noted in my About page, I offer limited client service, but at present that is limited to occasional art commissions and consultation until I catch up with my backlog of older work.

Feel free to subscribe to one of my platforms or this blog. I'll be posting to my media accounts on Mondays, unless my work schedule changes, and posting to this blog when I have updates to any products on the site.


Glen Spoors

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